Privacy Policy

Adsrangers (later called “AR”) acknowledges the importance of your privacy and Personal Data protection. We have policies to process your Personal Data according to your needs and in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. See below for our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.

Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are files providing the storage of information or access to information already stored in the telecommunication terminal equipment when or after you visit AR’s website.

The cookies used by AR do not store Personal Data that enables the identification of an online users. They are used, among others, to record the users’ preferences, protect websites or conduct marketing campaigns. Unless you give consent to the installation of cookies, certain functionalities on the AR’s Services will be disabled, e.g. it will not be possible for to submit information through certain product forms. You can manage your cookies settings at any times via your browser, e.g. Google.

What are types of cookies that AR use?

(a) Persistent cookies – They are recorded on your device even after you leave the website. They allow storing and remembering your preferences. This means that this field will be pre-filled the next time you log in to the website. The pre-fill function will be used only upon your consent.

(b) Session cookies – They are necessary to support information exchange between the service of AR and the web browsers and, consequently, to enable the accurate display of the website and its functionalities. Their purpose is to enable identification of a given session, i.e. the dialogue between the browser and the server, and users communicating with the server at the same time.

(c) Other cookies – AR also use other cookies of third parties, which cooperate with AR, which include Facebook, Google and other social platforms. These cookies enable the third parties to analyze such data as: (i) number of visits; (ii) user behavior on the website, (iii) type of browsers and electronic devices, (iv) information from pixel files or other behavioral information (e.g. your location). However, those Personal Data will not directly identify a person. The purpose of collecting and processing cookies is to gather information about the profile of the AR’s website visitors, their behaviors, preferences, and interest in individual products. They enable the display of ads and marketing offers, and analysis of information on your interest in the displayed materials.

How do you refuse / withdraw your consent of cookies installation?

Most web browsers are set to accept cookies by default to ensure convenient usage of websites and correct display of website content. The management of cookies may be modified using web browser setting at any time. Withdrawal of your consent for the use of cookies may affect certain functionalities of AR’s website, leading to a full or partial disablement of certain features. After you withdraw your consent, you may no longer see the customized offers on AR’s website.

If you would like to change the browser setting for cookies, you can follow the instructions below.
– Internet Explorer: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/278835/how-to-delete-cookie-files-in-internet-explorer
– Chrome: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/32050?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en

The above browser types are for illustration purposes only. Due to the variety of browsers used, there can be differences in settings which prevent the installation of cookies. Information on cookies can usually be found under “Tools” or “Options” in the menu. More detailed information is usually available on the website of the owner of a given browser.

Privacy Policy

When does this Privacy Policy apply to you?

This Privacy Policy applies to you if you are an individual customer, or a person associated with a corporate client (including the authorized director(s), authorized representative(s) and/or the contact person(s) of a corporate client) (“associated person”) having a contract or active products or services with AR, and it also applies to you as our prospective customer who is interested in applying for our Products.

What types of Personal Data does AR collect from you?

AR collects various types of your data, which can be used to identify you as an individual, whether directly or indirectly (“Personal Data”), such as your full name, work address, contact numbers, or email addresses

Why does AR collect and process your data?

  1.  To proceed with your request to apply for AR’s related products and/or services, whereby your Personal Data will be collected only needed to proceed your request to products and/or services and the support that you need.
  2. To conduct direct marketing by sending you messages, materials, and promotions relating to AR’s services and Products, subject to your marketing and contact preferences.
  3. To disclose your Personal Data to AR’s business partners, or third party vendors, for the purpose of offering privileges and benefits to you.


You may withdraw your consent in this section at any time. Furthermore, if we need your consent to process or provide you with our services or Products, or to carry out certain activities, we might not be able to do so. Withdrawal of your consent will not affect any processing of your Personal Data for which you have already provided consent, and which has already taken place prior to such withdrawal.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

AR may amend, change, or update this Privacy Policy from time to time, whereby AR will update the changes on AR’s website. In the event that the amendment, change, or update will affect the purposes for which your Personal Data has originally been collected, AR will notify you about such changes, and obtain your consent (if required by law), prior to such changes becoming effective.



This Privacy Policy shall take effect from 1 June 2022 onwards.