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Doing good does not mean it is best. We, new-way digital media agency, are here to help to push your business to the next level thru digitalization and best-in-class digital media strategy.

360 Point of View

We are not just founded as we are just good in digital media running. Our goal is to challenge the industry to another level by forming team with various experiences of ex-employees from digital platforms, digital agency, e-Commerce and world-leading brands.

Optimization King

Based with insider of platform owner, plus experiences over thousands of campaigns to develop our own way to strategic setup with clear-cutting structure to identify and able to optimize to get cheapest cost.

Reasonable Price

Competitive price with various model to support the bold company mission: We win after Client wins. So we won't just charge and buy media. We optimize to prove we are worth.

About ..

Founded 2018 in Singapore, by Thai workers in Tech industry like Facebook and Linkedin and later grouped with circle of friends in leading media agency and mega-size clients with goal to lift up the industry to another level.

Refer a friend to us and earn up to THB 10,000.*

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